I bit off more than I can chew with this one.  In scrum terms, it was a 20 point story that I should have split up before starting the sprint.  In Kanban terms, the card didn’t move much on the board.  Complexity was high cause I’m not that experienced at fight scenes and I also has trouble fitting the script to the action.  All of which shows – but I did finish it 😉

As for Scrum vs. Kanban: I’m a fan of both of them. If you consider “The new new product development game” to be the genesis of scrum, then I think the title is a pretty good indicator of when scrum is a good fit. Whenever I have teams that are handing multiple projects or responsibilities, where availability and planning are mostly wishful thinking, then it’s Kanban. But whether it’s scrum or Kanban, you can’t get past “agile” requirements. If you don’t break the work down, then Kanban isn’t going to help much either – you’ll have a static board with cards that never move. Getting business to think and deliver agile requirements is often more of a challenge than getting a team to adopt scrum or Kanban!