Not sure I actually have the best title for this one. But in the interest of getting something done, rather than creating a masterpiece, this is the result.


LinkedIn seems to be Instagram for work. LinkedInstagram, so to speak. It seems to be an endless stream of one-upmanship posts. People bringing their uninteresting and derivative take on everything from SAFe not being agile, to what the manifesto being obsolete. Here’s the 72nd agile podcast you’ll never listen to! Look at my hot take on retros! Look at how I do dailies! Look how clever I am! Bet you never thought of things like I do! Yeah, we did actually. Been there, done that, drew the fucking cartoon.


Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, if the whole world wasn’t in one stream. But you’re literally trying to make yourself seen above the background of the whole world posting too! I think I’d like a country filter in LinkedIn 😉

And on a completely different topic – this style of drawing is way more my style than the actual ADS comics. And as I felt a bit rushed today, I just decided to go with it. I prefer the dynamics of it to the sanitised colour ADS strips, but colour sells! 🤣