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Fix a word:

This started as a reaction to a job posting for a "Agile Master". While I think I know what the company might mean by that, it still hurts to read it. So I thought I could mix and match a few other terms and titles and come up with some new job titles.

The result was okay, but boring.

So I added some denigrating adjectives and some non-agile pejorative labels. Just a bit of fun... with a hint of truth sometimes! Had to take the Irish terms like Gombeen and Amadán out because nobody understood them...


Amadan (amadán) - Gaelic for an idiot, still used in Hiberno-English

Dryshite - boring

Eejit - idiot, but with an Irish accent, as in "feckin' eejit"

Gobshite - a stupid/incompetent person with too high a regard of themselves

Gombeen - out to make a quick buck at anyone's expense

Ludramawn (liúdramán) - useless waster