I haven’t been drawing any comics recently. Most of my creativity has been directed towards this “talk” that I held at this year’s Agile Tour Vienna. In truth, it’s my attempt at a piece of cabaret! I hope you enjoy it.

This was quite the challenge to do. Originally I was going to do a normal talk and discuss agile anti-patterns. But then it occurred to me that from a manager’s position – one who wants to keep their status and power – these aren’t anti-patterns. They’re a way to ensure they keep their position in the company and can continue to climb the career ladder. And so the talk was born.

Writing a talk that was going for jokes and not content was difficult. I had no slides to fall back on. I ended up with some bullet-points on a few sheets of paper to help me remember everything. I now have even more respect for professional stand-up comedians.

But, hey, I really wanted to do this – and now I’ve ticked it off the bucket list 😉