Teams vs. groups. Why is it that managers expects a group that they’ve called a team (cause that’s the size) to act like a team?!? Talk about wishful thinking. Groups are not teams. Groups will not deliver self-organisation, they will not strive towards a common goal, they won’t feel the need to help each other out. It’s silo-thinking on an individual level. Some managers don’t even get around to providing the boundaries for self-organisation, but still expect it to happen. When I’m brought in and asked to help a group (always called a “team”) to become agile, I’m very quick to point out that there is very limited room for improvement for a group. If management really wants to see changes, then they need to take steps to turn this group into a team. However, once the implications of this change become clear, they lose their appetite and are happy to have a Kanban board for visualisation – we just don’t need WIP limits πŸ˜‰

Thought I’d try my hand at some colour. Nothing something I’m comfortable with – but trying out something new is part of the agile mindset πŸ˜‰